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Dog Running:

Dog running is similar to Lucky Dogs’ dog walking service, but faster. Most healthy dogs are capable of running – even eager to run. You and your dog(s) set the pace… from jogging to sprinting, this is terrific exercise for your canine companions. Properly exercised dogs are happier, calmer, and less likely to exhibit behavioral problems.

Hiring us to run with your dog(s) may be ideal for those of you who have one or more high-energy or exceptionally playful dogs, especially if they tend to be left home alone while you’re at work. Dog running may also prove beneficial if your doggies exhibit signs of anxiety, boredom, or stress; such as destructiveness, hyperactivity, separation anxiety and even weight gain.

While most people know that humans need it, many are unaware of the following facts:

  • Dogs require an average of 30 or more minutes per day of cardio
  • Dogs should walk/run a minimum of one mile on-leash each day, even if they have a large yard to run around in.

Believe it or not, this is for your pet’s mental health as much as the physical side!

If you have never taken a run with your dog, that’s not a problem. Each dog will be carefully evaluated for tolerance. As stated previously, YOU and your dog(s) choose the pace. We can speed up or slow down depending upon each animal’s individual fitness, age, and energy level. We still offer good old-fashioned dog walking for those who just are not cut out for the excitement of running with us, or running can be alternated with walking within the same session or on differing days of the week.

Every session is individually tailored to the needs of the dog. Distance, pace, and location will be determined by the aforementioned factors of age, fitness, and energy level. Whether your dog is a long-legged Greyhound or an enthusiastic Beagle, we can develop a fitness plan to meet their needs.



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