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Farewell, Furry Friend!

Posted by Annette Filecci
Annette Filecci
Hi, my name is Annette Filecci. I am a Miami native, one of the few! I have been pet-sitting in the Hollywood ...
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on Wednesday, 18 January 2012
in Lucky Dogs Farewells

Irmy on red doggie bedMy sweet Irmy,

We said goodbye to you today, just a few days short of your 14th birthday. I know I've said all this to you in the last few weeks, but I hope you somehow know I'm writing this, and maybe you'll sing me a song in heaven. Remember how you used to sing? I hear you got kicked out of a daycare for it, the people thought you were growling! Andy and Joanie taught you to do it on command, it was the coolest trick I'd seen.

Tags: dog, R.I.P.

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