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Breed profiles: Maltipoo Dogs and Hairless Cats

Posted by Annette Filecci
Annette Filecci
Hi, my name is Annette Filecci. I am a Miami native, one of the few! I have been pet-sitting in the Hollywood ...
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on Friday, 18 January 2013
in Lucky Dogs News & Views

The Maltipoo


A cross-breeding of the Maltese and a Toy or Miniature Poodle produces these adorable little dogs, and Maltipoos look like puppies even when they are full grown. They are affectionate and playful right up into old age (teen years). Their coats may be either scruffy like the Maltese or curly like the Poodle’s, and white or cream are the most common colors.

MaltipooCrossbred puppies often look very different from one another — even within the same litter — and can resemble either one (or neither!) of their parents. The Maltipoo is typically very small, averaging about ten pounds, and may enjoy barking quite a bit; which makes them a good choice as watchdogs. Friendly with children and other dogs, they can be easily overwhelmed and even injured by rough play.

MaltipooThese little dogs love to go for walks and play fetch with balls and other toys. They are also very trainable and love to perform tricks for their delighted audiences. Indoors or out, they are a compact package of fun, but they are somewhat delicate due to their small stature so they should never be left outdoors as a general rule.

Grooming needs vary depending on the type of coat, but all Maltipoos will need daily brushing; and the curlier Poodle coat requires professional grooming every 4-6 weeks. You can learn to use clippers and do the job yourself, but it must be done, because without proper grooming a Maltipoo's coat becomes a matted mess which can result in painful skin infections at the roots of their hair.

There’s no need to pay big bucks for a Maltipoo: you can adopt one from an animal shelter or breed rescue organization. Social media can help too! Post a message on your Facebook page, and your entire network can help you look for that fur-ever friend.

Hairless Cats


Did you know that there are several breeds of hairless cats? The Donskoy is the oldest, and ancestor to many of them, but there is a growing variety of these curious creatures.

Donskoy The Donskoy is also known as the Russian Hairless, Don Hairless, or Don Sphynx. Often mistaken for a Sphynx, their hairlessness gene is dominant whereas the Sphynx’s is recessive. This means their offspring will be more consistent.

SphynxThe Sphynx, which originated in Canada in 1966 from a single hairless kitten named Prune, is a relatively new breed, although hairless cats have been around for centuries. At first glance they seem to be completely naked, but you will find that the Sphynx actually sports a very fine, fuzzy coat of hair.

Elf CatThe Elf Cat is a hybrid cross of the American Curl and Sphynx cats. They have ears that curl back into “points” which gives them their elfish appearance. This cat has an athletic and muscular body resembling that of the Sphynx. Also like the Sphynx, Elf cats have prominent cheek bones and whisker pads. Whiskers and eyebrows, if they have them at all, are sparse and very short.

Levkoy CatThe Levkoy Cat, which has droopy ears, comes from the Ukraine, and was developed by breeding a kitty with folded ears with a Sphynx. Their name is believed to come from the Levkoy plant whose leaves resemble this feline's distinctive folded ears.

Bambino CatThe Bambino is a hairless cat with short legs, the offspring of a Munchkin Cat and a Sphynx. A hairless, short cat with an athletic appearance; they are gentle but lively, and very affectionate. Bambinos are intelligent and friendly, one of the more “cuddly” cats: very interactive and social.

Peterbald CatThe Peterbald is a hybrid of the Russian Hairless and an Oriental Shorthair. They have a number of distinctice characteristics including a long narrow head, webbed feet and long rat-like whip of a tail. This cat sports a graceful, long body and engaging personality. Their coats range from totally smooth bald skin to a velour texture or an odd, short, brushy coat. The Peterbald makes a great companion, because they are very friendly and loving.

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Hi, my name is Annette Filecci. I am a Miami native, one of the few! I have been pet-sitting in the Hollywood and Hallandale area for the past several years now, and I couldn't think of a better job for me. I love animals and have almost always had a pet around, from birds to fish to dogs, cats - even worms and snails - so I am very experienced with all kinds of pets!

I am married with three children and we have lived in East Hollywood for the past decade.

For more information about our services please click here. We are insured and bonded, and have references, as well as many happy clients.

Annette Filecci


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