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Breed profiles: Jack Russel Terriers and Tonkinese Cats

Posted by Annette Filecci
Annette Filecci
Hi, my name is Annette Filecci. I am a Miami native, one of the few! I have been pet-sitting in the Hollywood ...
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on Sunday, 23 December 2012
in Lucky Dogs Breed Profiles

Jack Russell Terrier

Spero, Lucky Dogs Jack RussellThe Jack Russell is an energetic breed of small terrier that was originally bred for fox hunting; to have high stamina for the hunt, as well as the courage to root out foxes that had retreated to their dens. As such these dogs need exercise and stimulation to avoid mood and behavioral problems associated with restlessness and boredom. White-bodied and smooth with a rough or "broken" coat; the reason they are white is because hunters needed to be able to tell their dogs from the prey.

Spero, Lucky Dogs Jack Russells These hardy dogs have not changed much in the past two centuries, and their average lifespan averages 13-16 years. They are instinctively a working dog, and while bred to chase red foxes, they are also used to eliminate numerous ground-dwelling prey such as groundhog, badger, or grey fox. The Jack Russell originated with dogs that were bred and used by Reverend John Russell in the early 1800's and is related to the Fox terrier as well as the now-extinct English White terrier. These dogs have a tempered aggressiveness to allow pursuit and capture of foxes without harming them (which would end the chase, which was considered "unsporting") Reverend Russell reportedly prided himself on the fact that his terriers never tasted blood.

Spero, Lucky Dogs Jack RussellsAfter World War II, there was less need for hunting dogs, so the role of Jack Russells changed. Now they are more commonly chosen as family and companion animals. Cross breeding with Welsh corgis, Chihuahuas and other smaller breeds of terrier has produced breeds known as Puddin' Dogs and Shortie Jacks. Jack Russells are a very popular choice for movies and other types of show, as they are very intelligent, athletic, fearless, and vocal. Nipper was a Jack Russsell who was the inspiration for the painting "Dog looking at and listening to a Phonograph", which was later renamed to "His Master's Voice", and is still in use today as a logo. Another Jack Russell, named Bothy, visited both the North and South Poles; and Chalky was a star on TV in the UK. "Eddie" on the US TV show Frasier was played by two dogs; a father and son named Moose and Enzo, who also played "Skip" in a movie called "My Dog Skip". Wishbone was the subject of a popular children's show, and there are numerous others.

Because of their high energy and drive, Jack Russells are ideal for numerous dog sports; excelling at flyball or agility. However, they can be stubborn at times and even aggressive towards other animals and humans if not properly socialized, so obedience training is highly recommended. They really do have an incredible amount of energy for their size, which can sometimes lead to trouble with larger animals. Apparently tireless, they will often still be energetic after you are worn out. If they are well-socialized, they can be good with children, but they will never tolerate abuse even if it is accidental. Overall, the Jack Russell is a great family pet, and a teriffic companion for those who enjoy an active lifestyle.

Tonkinese cat

Spero, Lucky Dogs TonkineseTonkinese are medium-sized cats which weigh 6-20 lbs or occasionally more. They have distinctive "points" similar to the Siamese and Birman cat breeds: fur markings on the ears, face, back, tail, and paws. Busy, fun, and sometimes talkative; these cats have friendly, outgoing personalities. Commonly known as ‘Tonks’ They have distinctive (usually dark) oval-shaped paws, and a stocky muscular build to their bodies, wedge-shaped heads, and large ears which are set towards the outside of their head. Because they are so muscular, they are sometimes heavier than they appear to be. This breed of cat is an excellent combination of qualities from both the Burmese and the Siamese cats. Tonkinese share attributes from both the Burmese and Siamese including behaviours, so they tend to vocalize like the Siamese are well-nown for doing.

Some claim that the appearance of this breed is more closely resembles the original appearance of Siamese cats, before breeders developed today's exaggerated triangular head and very leggy body. The name Tonkinese has been slightly altered since the breed was first established in Canada. At that time it was actually spelled "Tonkanese," which referenced an island in the musical "South Pacific". Tonkinese have four coat colors and a variety of patterns. The three most common patterns are mink, solid and pointed. Solid is a Burmese coat pattern, and pointed is a Siamese pattern; but Mink is a unique Tonkinese pattern, with shaded "points" like the Siamese, and the body in a shade which tends to compliment the point colour. The most common colors are: platinum, champagne, blue, and natural. Solid Tonkinese cats will usually have gold or blue-green eyes, while cats with the pointed pattern are blue-eyed, and mink cats even have a touch of aquamarine.

Highly intelligent, curious, and great with people, children and other pets; the Tonkinese is unusual in that they will beg for attention and cuddling, reciprocting with loving affection. Enthusiasically playful although not hyperactive, they love toys; including human fingers or the tails of other pets, among other things! Obviously then, they can be mischievous if you let them become too bored or lonely. You can avoid that by providing numerous interesting toys and a cat tree; but if you are not home much, a good solution is to have another Asian cat (Tonkinese, Oriental, Burmese, Siamese, or Snowshoe) to provide companionship and keep them busy. Another unusual attribute is that they will sometimes play "fetch" with you!

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Hi, my name is Annette Filecci. I am a Miami native, one of the few! I have been pet-sitting in the Hollywood and Hallandale area for the past several years now, and I couldn't think of a better job for me. I love animals and have almost always had a pet around, from birds to fish to dogs, cats - even worms and snails - so I am very experienced with all kinds of pets!

I am married with three children and we have lived in East Hollywood for the past decade.

For more information about our services please click here. We are insured and bonded, and have references, as well as many happy clients.

Annette Filecci


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