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Breed Profile: The Daschund

Posted by Annette Filecci
Annette Filecci
Hi, my name is Annette Filecci. I am a Miami native, one of the few! I have been pet-sitting in the Hollywood ...
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on Thursday, 15 November 2012
in Lucky Dogs Breed Profiles

The daschund (German for “badger dog”) is by far one of the most adorable dogs alive, and the AKC consistently lists them among the top ten dog breeds. With their extremely short legs and long bodies, you’d never guess that they were part of the hound family! Developed as hunting dogs to enter the underground burrows of various critters, the standard size daschund was bred to catch larger animals such as badgers while the miniature was bred to go after rabbits primarily, although they have been utilized in the western United States to catch prairie dogs.

Typically long-bodied and muscular, the daschund sports short stubby legs with rather large paws for digging. Their skin is somewhat loose; so it won’t get torn on rough edges in small, tight spaces, as the dog digs for prey. They tend to dig underneath an animal’s burrow so as to catch them by surprise. These tenacious canines have been known to dig a tunnel ten feet long to catch their prey, and digging for three days straight is not unusual when they are excited and eager to perform.

There are three types of daschund, although only two are recognized in the US and UK. Kennel clubs use varying measures to determine type; including weight, height, and chest circumference.
1.   Standard – 16-32 lbs.
2.   Miniature – 12 lbs. or less
3.   Kaninchen (German for “Rabbit Dog”) – 8-11 lbs.

There are three coat varieties for daschunds.
1.   Smooth coat (short hair)
2.   Long hair
3.  Wire hair (least common in US and most common in Germany, most recent coat variety to be acknowledged.



The colors of daschund coats are black, chocolate, red, and silver; red being the most common. The patterns vary, and these are the types:
1.    Single-colored
2.    Single-colored with spots (also known as dappled or merle)
3.    Single-colored with tan points plus any pattern
4.    Piebald

Listed as clever, lively, and courageous; daschunds are playful but can be stubborn (terrier behavior!) and love to chase prey or a tennis ball for hours on end. Although very loyal, they may be difficult to housebreak and train; as well as aggressive toward other dogs as well as strangers – especially children. They also may or may not bark a lot, and their bark can be quite loud and demanding. They prefer not to be alone, so they will whine if they are confined without a companion; and some may show separation anxiety by chewing up household objects including your shoes! They may also “burrow” in blankets and other unusual places when they are tired or bored.


If you live in an apartment or urban environment, daschunds are small and easy to care for relatively speaking. They do not have the space requirements of a larger dog; and many famous people, including two U.S. Presidents have been daschund lovers. Here are some of them:
•    Grover Cleveland
•    John F. Kennedy (actually this dog never made it to the White House)
•    William Randolph Hearst
•    E.B. White
•    Pablo Picasso
•    Andy Warhol

If you are considering a daschund, remember that they can be aggressive with children and strangers, so be prepared to spend considerable time socializing and training your dog. But with the right attention, this dog will be a terrific companion!

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Hi, my name is Annette Filecci. I am a Miami native, one of the few! I have been pet-sitting in the Hollywood and Hallandale area for the past several years now, and I couldn't think of a better job for me. I love animals and have almost always had a pet around, from birds to fish to dogs, cats - even worms and snails - so I am very experienced with all kinds of pets!

I am married with three children and we have lived in East Hollywood for the past decade.

For more information about our services please click here. We are insured and bonded, and have references, as well as many happy clients.

Annette Filecci


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